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Investment companies have experience in private equity and venture capital but they cannot keep the pace with all the new technologies that come and fade one after another.

HB & MJ Partners can help you identify and win the next-generation technology that will not fade, the technology that will transform an industry. HB & MJ Partners is a specialist of Digital and Data beyond the Web, mobile, and social networks.

How HB & MJ Partners can help you?

  • Identify the most promising technology companies in terms of novelty, return on investment, and their adequacy with your exit strategy
  • Visit all the key people for interview on site to get knowledge of their background and skills in new-product development, marketing, and selling it to mature markets
  • Conduct a comprehensive strategic competitive analysis (market, direct competition, indirect competition, underlying technology vs. other technologies)
  • Help coaching the managers of the funded companies on how to strategically design, plan, and execute sales and marketing strategies
  • Fill in a gap as an interim management member in one of your start-ups

What will HB & MJ Partners bring you?

  • Strong background in advertising, media, communications, and technology sectors
  • 25+ years of experience with start-ups and new-product introductions
  • Easiness in connecting the dotted lines between technical, business, finance, and legal matters
  • Effectiveness in information gathering, project assessment, and report writing
  • Link with prestigious universities and research labs in France and USA