Large companies

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Large companies are challenged with increased efficiency to manage their new technology and IT projects, under constraints of costs, time-to-market, and end-users’ continuous changes.

HB & MJ Partners helps you to identify and assess the impact of new technologies on your business, define and structure the path for this business transformation, and design and implement the technological changes into your management information system and data production factory.

How can HB & MJ Partners help you?

  • Conduct diagnostic studies, scope out projects, and manage your procurements
  • Bring in the best professionals that fit your needs, priorities, and constraints
  • Manage your projects to deliver on specifications (on time, on budget, and on quality)
  • Program Manage all third-party suppliers
  • Take over your high-risk projects and realign priorities or bring them to a closure

What will HB & MJ Partners bring you?

  • High-level expertise in technology-driven, data-intensive projects with multiple levels of complexity
  • A pragmatic and rigorous project management process to bring new ideas come to fruition
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Versatility in domestic and international working environments
  • High-end expertise in all aspects of digital ecosystem
  • Augment your strategy and marketing expertise