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Very often, high-tech vendors develop bright ideas and disruptive technologies but experience difficulties in the last mile: transforming the technology into a product that creates business opportunities. And those who do very often do not cross the chasm from selling pilot projects to closing big sales.

HB & MJ Partners brings competencies in managing the go-to-market process of a new technology and a deep knowledge of the buying process of larger companies. HB & MJ Partners can help you becoming a long-term strategic partner to these enterprises.

How HB & MJ Partners can help you?

  • Transform new technologies into mainstream products through leadership in new-product development management
  • Introduce these products to a competitive market through effective go-to-market strategy, upstream and downstream marketing
  • Sell your products and services directly to clients or through partners
  • Unearth unanticipated needs for the technology to expand business with a client beyond first sales
  • Bring in new leads in the sectors of advertising, media, and communications, by far the largest consumers of new technologies such as digital and data

What will HB & MJ Partners bring you?

  • Strong, broad, and up-to-date knowledge about new technology and IT –and their usage in the B2C and B2B sectors
  • Good understanding of how large companies buy, integrate, and consume new technologies, who are the decision makers, and how to deal with each of them
  • Skills to communicate and negotiate with C-level executives and general managers during complex B2B purchases
  • Pragmatism and rigor to open, follow, and close deals
  • Large professional networks covering Europe, North America, and East Asia, including Execs at multinationals, investment firms, and technology partners